Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two More Headless Tales

These two are short ones. No date has been given for either of these stories, but they go like this.

The Legend Of Shimp's Hill

(As Reported By The Eagle Gazette 1950)

An unidentified man was traveling north on what is now State Route 158 out of Lancaster. Near the summit of Shimp's Hill he was attacked and robbed. For some reason the Robber saw fit to not only kill his victim, but to behead him. Maybe it was to keep his and the poor victim's identities unknown. Needless to say it is said on the anniversary of the date of the murder, that the headless specter of the unfortunate man can be seen staggering about the top of Shimp's hill searching for his missing head.

Shimp's Hill on Route 158 just north of Lancaster, Ohio.

The Rush Creek Terror

(As Related In A Oral History)

In the small town of Sugar Grove just behind Berne Union Local Schools the little stream called Rush Creek meanders its way through the wooded hills of Fairfield County. Over the years on rainy and fog bound nights many of the local inhabitants of Sugar Grove have reportedly seen the semi luminous figure of a woman in a light colored dress walking along the north-western bank of Rush Creek. Once some of the high school students who happened to see her decided to investigate who this strange woman was. Drawing closer to the figure they discover to their horror that the woman's head, that should have rested on her shoulders, was instead carried in the crook of her arms. The terror stricken boys hightailed it across the football field to leave the woman to finish her nocturnal walk along the stream alone.

Shimp's Hill is located about 2 1\2 miles to the north of Lancaster, and just south of Coonpath Road. Its easy to find as the over the years the road has created a deep grove in the hills that road passes through. Unfortunately I cannot find out the date of the anniversary of the murder which spawned the haunting.

The Rush Creek ghost makes her nocturnal walks just behind the Berne Union Local High School down by the creek. I must warn you that it is against the law to be on school property after normal hours without the permission of the school.

This post, including photos and commentary, originally appeared on James A. Sheets' site.

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