Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Blue Light Ghost

As told by Chris Woodyard in Haunted Ohio III [affiliate link]

[caption id="attachment_38" align="alignright" width="300"]Hummel Bridge Hummel Bridge[/caption] In the 1930's there was a young girl from Sugar Grove who was engaged to be married to a local fellow. The people of Sugar Grove had some serious doubts about this couples relationship, as they always got into the most terrible fights. They always seem to make up though. That was until one day when they got into the worst argument ever. Although they made up once again, the girl never acted the same. She seemed remote and isolated. Her eyes filled with anger and hate.

Late one night when the couple was parked out at the old Hummell covered bridge, the young lady pulled a knife from her purse and cut her lover's throat. She then proceeded to hack away at the corpse 's neck until the unfortunate man's head separated from his shoulders. She then carried his head up onto a small hill to the west of the bridge and sat down to cradle her gristly treasure. Crooning and whispering sweet nothings to the lifeless head, she was overtaken by grief. She then took her own life by cutting her throat.

She was found at the bottom of the hill still clutching her lover's head by the hair. From the blood trail the corner concluded that she must have staggered down the hill carrying her lovers head before death claimed her as well.

The old cover bridge has been torn down and replaced by one made of concrete and steel. But on dark moon less nights, if you call out the woman's name. A luminous blue shape will form on the top of the hill, and begin to stagger towards you.

The location of this site is in Fairfield County near the bridge on Hansley Road. To get there you must go south of the city of Lancaster on U.S. Route 33. Turn east on Hornsmill Road. Then turn right on the second road you come to which is Savage Road. Turn left on the first road you come to which will be Hansley Road. Follow this to Hummel Bridge which spans Rush Creek and you are at the spot! There is a house nearby. Sadly there was nobody home when I went to take the above photo. I would liked to have asked if they had ever seen anything. Maybe I will gather some brave soul and go and test out the legend some moon less night. Oh I should point out I think the girl's name is Mary!

This post, including photos and commentary, originally appeared on on James A Sheets' site.

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