Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Clear Creek Ghost

clear2 This is one that I as a young teenager was familiar with when I was in High School. There are two locations for this haunting. The one I am familiar with is the old abandoned covered bridge near the intersection of McDonald and Clear Creek Roads in Fairfield County.

The story is a short one. A woman sometime in the late 1800's was traveling home late at night with her husband, who was driving their horse and buggy. A severe thunderstorm over took them. The woman dismounted the wagon at the covered bridge to hand guide the horses and wagon across. She lost her footing in the storm, and fell into the swollen stream and drowned.

I have also heard a different version which claims that her husband was leaving her, and that she committed suicide at the bridge by jumping into the stream during a storm, or by hanging herself on the spot.

Which ever version is correct, it is said that on some stormy nights a woman can be seen just standing, or beckoning on the bridge.

I have been contacted by some readers that live in the area of the bridge. They have related the following additional details to the strange happenings in this area. On several ocassions travelers have seeen a truck who's headlights were clearly on the road ahead. After stopping to allow the truck to pass over the one lane bridge, they were mystified when the truck failed to ever appear. One traveler had a similar incident to my friends and I when he was crossing the bridge near midnight and his car stalled. The forward motion of the car carried it across the bridge, but the unfortunate man was forced to walk the remaining eight miles to his house in the pitch black night. Oh did mention that it was Halloween Night as well! This gentleman also was kind enough to remind me that the location of the bridge is not too far away from Written Rock on Clear Creek Road which has tales of Satanic Worship attached to it. It was also related to me that some late night travlers have had a clamy cold unseen hand grab their hands on the steering wheel and attempt to stear their vehicles off the road near the bridge. Maybe the poor lady desires some company.

The location of this spot is in Fairfield County at the old Johnson Covered Bridge. Take U. S. Route 33 south of the city of Lancaster. About nine miles out of town you will come to Clear Creek Road, and need to turn right or west here. I do believe that there is a Shell Gas Station there now. Follow this curvy and I do believe in spots unpaved road for about nine miles, or so to the where McDonald Road intersects Clear Creek Road. The bridge is just off the side of the road near here. This is a nice spooky ride at night, as there are few dwellings or lights on Clear Creek Road.

My friends and I as youths took a 3\4 ton GMC pick-up truck to this spot one night. There was around five of us as I remember, and we had been indulging in some illegal beer that evening. We began to yell and make the most rude comments I do believe trying to entice the ghost to come out. My friend's truck suddenly stalled and the entire electrical system failed. There we sat in the darkness for around ten minutes when a car came up behind us. The trucks lights came back on, and my friend cranked the engine into life.

WWWHOOOOOOOOO! I should mention that my friend had some loose wires from a trailer hook up in the bed of the truck, and they more than likely shorted out the electrical system. That wasn't discovered though until the NEXT DAY!

(After being sent e-mail describing how others have had stalls on this site, I'm not so sure about the wires in the bed of the truck theory.)

This post, including photos and commentary, originally appeared on on James A Sheets' site.

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