Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Tales From Clermont County

Submitted by Daniel Cope

In Clermont County, Ohio on SR 125 just West of the Village of Bethel, there is a small,unnamed, cemetery. The stones date back two centuries. There is a short dilapidated wooden and wire fence encircling the cemetery with a wooden frame for a gate at the entrance. The gate has long since rotted away. This is low lying flat river land and constantly very windy, but when you approach one particular grave marker the wind inside the cemetery stops, even though it continues to wail outside. The marker reads;


I have experienced this phenomenon personally on numerous occasions. It has happened each and every time. (Not me, but Daniel Cope.)

This is also a personal experience of mine and my parents, brother and sister. My Father purchased a house at #*** Arlington Dr. in the Sumerside Estates in Clermont County. I was 15, my brother 8 and my sister was 5. The trouble with this house began immediately. Our first night there, I kept hearing a baby crying but could find nothing. The next morning my Mother woke me up stating the she heard a baby's voice calling for it's mommy. I listed quietly and could distinctly hear the work "MOMMY". It sounded like a frightened child. We searched all around the house finding nothing. Mom even called the police who also heard the voice but found nothing.

This went on for weeks, any time we cared to listen and at night when the house was quiet, this child's voice crying for
it's mommy could be heard "distinctly". After a few weeks, the voice changed or rather was added to. First the child then an adult woman could be heard sobbing. Again, this continued for several weeks. My parents would invite friends over just to listen to the noises. It was a little eerie but somehow soothing at the same time.

The next change was a man's voice added to the chorus. First the baby, then the mourning woman the a male voice that seemed to be comforting the woman. Remember that all of this seemed quite benevolent and caused us little concern until after about 9 months of this. Then suddenly the voices changed, you could detect a note of panic in the sounds, we would get up and find the gas on but the pilot lights blown out, windows would break for no apparent reason. On more that one occasion, my Father and I would search around the outside of the house for the prankster who was striking the house with a hammer or other heavy object. We would never find anyone or any sign of anyone or damage. Our front picture window smashed from the inside out with the entire family sitting right there
with no explanation. The overhead garage door on our attached garage opened by it self one night and with a loud crash was torn from it's railing and dropped to the garage floor. On three occasions, a dark, menacing shadow would appear at the end of the hallway. These occasions were particularly awful for out family dog who eventually was found dead at the end of the hallway where the shadow would appear.

There were many more occurrences but I'll close for now by telling you that after one horrible night, my Father moved us into a hotel and paid movers to pack our clothes for us. We never went back. To this day, no one stays in this house for more than a few months then it is empty again.

I have omitted the numerals for the address of the Daniel's former house just in case someone has found a way to tolerate the above described phenomena, or if it has ceased as of now.

This post, including photos and commentary, originally appeared on James A. Sheets' site.

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